Best Portable Generators
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When your power goes out, you will want a generator there to get you through the storm or incident causing the outage. A portable power generator will keep your lights going, furnace running, your food cold, and all other appliances you've come to depend on operating.

Compare the top 10 generators on the market. It is best to buy a generator before you need one as most people buy them after they've lost power when storms have hit the area and prices have spiked. Buying one before you need one will also allow you to shop around and get the one best suited to your needs. These are the best rated electric start generators for you to choose from.

Best Heavy Duty Portable Generator

Honda 660530 5,000 Watt Portable Generator w- iAVR Technology 1The Honda 660530 Portable Generator features Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulator (iAVR) to provide you with a constant flow of power. It will not matter how many appliances you run with the Honda 660530; it will have the power to keep you going. This generator will give you 7,000Watts for larger equipment that will last for ten seconds after you start the machine.The Honda 660530 Portable Generator uses a commercial grade engine so you can experience greater fuel economy. It also runs with reduced emissions and more power than most other models on the market. 

You will have the flexibility of selecting 120 or 240 Volts with the built-in selector switch to power larger appliances. You will appreciate the convenience of this machine with its electric start combined with backup recoil, so there is no waiting to get your power back running.Customers who have purchased the Honda 60530 Portable Generator say this is a quality machine. Its operation is quiet, efficient and they love how it starts the first try every time. The electric start on this machine is an absolute must for generators. 

They love how simple it is to get their home back in operation whenever storms run through their area.Another customer who purchased the Honda 660530 Portable Generator says this is the best portable generator you could choose. They love how much power this generator has with its 7,000watts and that they can switch from 120 to 240 volts when they need.Top Rated Dual Fuel Camping GeneratorSportsman GEN7500DF 7,500 Watt 13 HP 389cc OVH 4-Stroke Gas-Propane Powered Portable GeneratorThe Sportsman GEN7500DF Gas/Propane Portable Generator with Electric Start is the perfect machine for your camping comfort, when you are out traveling the roads, or when the power goes out in your home. 

This generator has the power to keep all your appliances running along with the air conditioner or furnace. The Sportsman GEN7500DF is a dual fuel machine that will run on either unleaded gas or propane.The Sportsman GEN7500DF has 7500Watts of peak power and 6000 running watts and is capable of handling the needs of contractors, homeowners, and recreational activities. There are four 120volt outlets on the generator and a single 120V RV outlet making this unit capable of running just about anything. It features a 13HP engine that operates incredibly quiet at less than 80 Db. There is also an electric start on this generator with recoil and circuit protection.Customers who have purchased the Sportsman GEN7500DF Gas/Propane Portable Generator with Electric Start say they love how easy it is to start this machine. The electric start feature on this model is fantastic. They also like the choice of using either unleaded or propane, and quietly it operates.

Another customer who purchased the Sportsman GEN7500DF Gas/Propane Portable Generator with Electric Start says this is just what they hoped for in generator operation. It is powerful enough to keep their home running during power outages and terrific to take along camping so they can enjoy all their electric device comforts.Premium Gas Powered Electric Start GeneratorWestinghouse Wgen7500 Portable Generator - 7500 Running Watts and 9000 Starting Watts - Gas Powered - Electric StartThe Westinghouse Generator will provide you with 7500 running watts and 9000 starting watts. This machine will always be ready when you need it to power your home during an outage or to make camping more comfortable. The Westinghouse WH7500E Generator is one of the most powerful, efficient, and safe generators on the market. It features a twist lock power outlet, and an easy-to-start one button push electric start.

The Westinghouse 10KPro Electric Start Generator has four 5-20R 120V power outlets built-in it, along with a 4-Stroke OHV engine with a long lasting iron sleeve. This generator is a plug and play giving you all needed accessories such as an oil funnel, battery charger, and toolkit to get you started right out of the box.Customers who have purchased the Westinghouse WH7500E Gas Powered Electric Start Generator say this is a terrific machine. They have used it for several power outages in their area and cannot believe how their home runs practically as normal with this fantastic unit. It runs much quieter than the last generator they used and starts great with the electric start feature.

Another customer who purchased the Westinghouse WH7500E Gas Powered Electric Start Generator says this is the machine to have when you need an alternative power source. It is a rugged, durable, and fantastic quality machine. It runs longer than most other generators on the market, and they feel much safer knowing it will shut off automatically if the oil runs low. They recommend this machine to everyone.

When you don't have electricity whether it is due to a power outage or traveling where there isn't power available, you will want to have a portable generator. These machines make life much less stressful and much more comfortable. These are the top ten best portable generators for you to choose from.